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Our projects

Center for Girls at Risk


Girls that become pregnant out of wedlock tend to end up on the streets

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Sponsorship program (Children Aid Program)


Many children end up on the streets because their family is extremelypoor.

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Micro Financing


Due to the surprisingly positive results of the micro financing program, it has grown…

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The school was founded as a logical result of the sponsorship program.
80% of our students are girls.

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Awareness Campaigns


This part of Pan Bila is very much interwoven within each of the activities. Topics include hygiene, the importance of education and a campaign aimed specifically towards parents to encourage their young students, how to manage finances, and any other relevant topic that will improve the quality of life for the target group.

Computer Classes


The school also has a computer class where 4-6th graders are taught how to use a computer. This classroom is also opened up to the adults in the area and other children, through organized courses after-school.



The planetarium is the first and only functional planetarium in French West Africa, and possibly the only solar powered planetarium in the world. In most places in Burkina there is no electrical grid and the moon is their main source of light at night. During a lunar eclipse, fear sets in. This fear, along with the fear of illness, hunger causing drought, and other natural events that are out of the control of the population, drives them to animism. In attempt to appease the spirits, innocent children are slaughtered as human sacrifice. The planetarium is a powerful tool in deflating a part of this fear and establishing a platform of credibility from which we can address the other fears as well. The ultimate purpose is to fight animism as one of the threats to the well-being of the children of Burkina Faso.

Road Safety Park


The school is situated on the outskirts of town where there are no paved roads, no traffic signs, and no street names. After graduating from school, most of these children will have to go to town to continue their education. They will face extremely dangerous traffic. To help protect them from this danger, we opened a road safety park where they are taught to respect traffic signs and rules and how to drive defensively and safely navigate the busy city streets.