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I can help you wash your back,…

but you have to wash your own face!

There is a Burkinabe saying that accurately describes Pan Bila's ideology. We give people the assistance they need while guiding them in their responsibilities in overcoming poverty. Rather than creating a dependency on outside help, we equip them to become self-sufficient.

Our focus is on helping the children who are in the greatest need, giving them an opportunity to go to school instead of being forced to work in the fields under the scorching sun in order to survive. To offset the impact had on the struggling families, of one less set of hands working in the fields, we support them through food distribution. This ensures the child will stay in school without the family having to starve. We also help the families start up small businesses through micro loans. Pan Bila has a wide array of tools in their arsenal to fight against poverty.

Another aspect of the project cares for girls at risk. These are usually girls that have been raped and ostracized by their families and communities, due to the scandal of them becoming pregnant out of wedlock. Some are victims of human trafficking.

Pan Bila is a Christian organization, founded on the example of ChristÕs love for us. We are not biased about people's background, their ethnic group or religious beliefs. Instead, we select them based on their destitution. We only help those in greatest need.

Thank you interest in the work we do in Burkina Faso,


Noel Soetaert